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Camel Safari – Riding the Ship of the Desert

Riding on a Camel back in the rippling, windblown deserts of Rajasthan is one of the most spectacular and spellbinding experience,

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Camel with Saddle

Camel with Saddle

enjoying camel safari

enjoying camel safari

Camel safari provides the opportunity to observe the naive, rural desert life of Rajasthan. The desert is supposed to be barren, but surprisingly deserts in Rajasthan are well populated.

There are two places in Rajasthan where Camel Safari can be enjoyed. One is Jaisalmer, the most popular desert place of Rajasthan and another one is Pushkar which is a sacred pilgrimage for its Pushkar Lake and Brahma Temple.

The best time to enjoy the Camel Safari is in cooler months from September to March as the desert turns intolerably hot after March and then the monsoon season begins. Camel Safari usually begins early in the morning, covering some distance, and then finding a suitable spot to set up a camp before dusk where one can bed under the stars on the magical dunes.

The Camel Safari is an exciting experience which covers the golden Thar Desert providing the opportunity to witness the desert lifestyle. The package of Camel Safari which includes the cultural performances on sand dunes, the traditional Rajasthani meals, the camps and the dazzling suburbs with the local folks makes it a special adventure tour.

Usually, the duration of a Camel Safari is 2 Day 1 Night. However, for those who prefer to go deeper in the desert, longer durations from 7-30 days are also available. An itinerary can be tailored according to the person's need.

Riding on camelback in the hot atmosphere can be dehydrating and uncomfortable after a while. It is advised to take water, fruit juice, sunscreen, a hat, and other such useful items on the trip to Camel Safari.


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