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Gorwar or Godwar was a part of Chandravati Kingdom in the olden times. The region is situated in the southwest Rajasthan adjoining Gujarat. Different districts of Sirohi, Jalore and the southern portion of Pali district lie in the region. Some major towns are Falna, Abu Road, Sanderao and Sirohi. The region stretches along the edge of the Aravalli Mountain Range. The Sukri River and its tributaries are the major water source, which flows in the west to join Luni River and they empty into rann of Kutch. The West Banas River is in charge of draining the southeastern portion of the region. The region falls under the category of the Northwestern thorn scrub forests ecoregion and faces an arid semi- desert climate. The western part of the Jalore district is a part of the Thar Desert, due to which it blessed with beautiful desert landscape completed with the sand dunes.

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