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Best Time to Visit Rajasthan, Plan your Trip Wisely

Here is the full-fledged information about the best time to visit Rajasthan, alongside the places and seasons.

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Kumbalgarh- Best Time to Travel

Kumbalgarh- Best Time to Travel

Ranakpur- Best Time to Travel

Ranakpur- Best Time to Travel

Bhainsrogarh- Best Time to Travel

Bhainsrogarh- Best Time to Travel

Bharatpur- Best Time to Travel

Bharatpur- Best Time to Travel

Ranthambore- Best Time to Travel

Ranthambore- Best Time to Travel

Jaisalmer- Best Time to Travel

Jaisalmer- Best Time to Travel

Rajasthan is the biggest state in the country and certainly the most preferred one with respect to tourism. In order to plan your trip, you must know the best time to visit Rajasthan, as per the weather conditions. Similar to the rest of the parts of the country, Rajasthan experiences seasons namely- summer, monsoon, and winter.

Although it’s believed that summers are too scorching in the state and usually the time between November to February is considered an ideal time to take a trip to Rajasthan. However, there are various places in the state that can be visited in different seasons. Places like Jaipur and Udaipur can be visited in both monsoons as well as winters.

Let’s take a look at the best time to Rajasthan along with the places and the seasons.

Season: Summer

Duration: April to June

Temperature: 24 to 45 degree Celsius

Ideal Places to visit: Mount Abu, Ranakpur, Kumbalgarh

This season mainly ranges between April to June and is generally not preferred by the tourists, mainly the desert areas. The harsh temperature and scorching sun make it really difficult to roam around the city.

However, if you happen to be present in the state you can plan your trip to Mount Abu, Kumbalgarh, or Ranakpur. Mt Abu offers a pleasant view of mountains while places like Ranakpur and Kumbalgarh are less known yet ideal to visit for the scenic beauty and majestic mountains.

Season: Monsoon

Duration: July to September

Temperature: 21 to 35 degree Celsius

Places to Visit: Bhainsrogarh, Bundi, Bharatpur

Monsoon is a beautiful season whether it’s for recreation or travel. Rajasthan has various ideal places to visit when the raindrops cover the entire landscape and clouds fill up the entire sky. Bundi is a small, less-known and hence less-explored place that seeks attention because of its hills, lakes, and temples.

Moving on, Bhainsrogarh is a tourist place located 57 km away from Kota offers a scenic beauty that is a treat to the eyes. It has Badoli temples and Bhainsrogarh fort that will ensure an enjoyable stay. Another place is Bharatpur’s Keoladeo National Park which also happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  

Season: Winter

Duration: October to March

Temperature: 10 to 27 degree Celsius

Places to Visit: Ranthambore, Jaisalmer, Pushkar

Winter is the ideal season for tourists to visit Rajasthan as there are various activities that people can participate in like sightseeing, trekking, desert safaris, wildlife tours, etc. If you are a fan of wildlife and adventure, Ranthambore National Park is perfect as during these months there is a higher possibility of spotting tigers.

For others who are looking forward to getting close to Rajasthani art and culture can spend time in the desert fiascos that take place in Jaisalmer as well as Pushkar. These places take less time to explore but ensure maximum enjoyment.


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