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Signature Rajasthani Dishes You Probably Didn’t Know About

From sweets to savories, one can find about hundreds of delectable comestibles in the home-kitchens of Rajasthan.

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Rabodi ki Sabzi

Rabodi ki Sabzi

Fried Pittod

Fried Pittod

Rajasthani cuisine, as opposed to what most people believe, is not all about DBC (Dal, Bati, and Churma). We have here as many lip-smacking dishes as one could imagine. So, let’s break the stereotypes, and bring on the table more exotic dishes from Rajasthan’s royal banquet.


Hailing from the arid Marwar region of the state, Rabodi is perhaps the all-time favorite home-made food for Rajasthanis. In appearance, Rabodis resemble regular small-sized papads (crispy, savory disc-shaped Indian food). But unlike regular papads, Rabodis are made of maize flour and buttermilk, two ingredients that can easily be found even in the heart of Thar. What comes as the best feature of the dish is that the raw dried Rabodis can be preserved for a couple of years, sans any preservative techniques, making it a perfect survival food for the drought-prone areas of Rajasthan. However, to think Rabodis to be just that would be the farthest thing from the truth. Once cooked it can defeat numerous regular savory dishes in the field of taste.


The term may sound a bit peculiar to the ones who haven’t heard it before, but for Rajasthanis, pittod is synonymous with the word bliss, as far as edibility is concerned. Made with same ingredients as goes into the making of typical Gatta, pittod is the ideal dish for those who wish to taste the subtle and more delicate version of Rajasthani cuisine. To cook a regular ‘pittod ka saag’ a batter of gram flour is cooked in sizzling oil with mustard seeds and onion slices. This cooked paste is then spread evenly on a thaal for cooling down. Once the paste cools down enough to get the consistency of a jelly, it is cut in diagonal stripes. These diamond shaped pieces are then used in making a finger-licking curry if any of them indeed is spared from eaten as it is.


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