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Previously known as the Bundi Kingdom, Hadoti region of Rajasthan gets its name from the Hada Rajputs, a clan of Chauhan dynasty. They ruled the region/kingdom after conquering it from Meena rulers. Today, the Hadoti region includes districts Bundi, Baran, Jhalawar, Kota and also a small subdivision of Keshorai Patan situated around twenty-one kilometers from Kota and forty kilometers from Bundi city. The region is bounded on the west by Mewar, on the northwest by Ajmer, on the south by Malwa, and on the east by the Gird regions of Madhya Pradesh state. Geographically, Hadoti covers the south-eastern region of Rajasthan. It's bordered by Malwa Plateau on the east, Aravalli range on the west and Marwar plateau on the south-west. The major river of the region is Chambal with its tributaries Chakan, Kalisindh and Parvati. The native language of the region is Hadoti, a dialect of Rajasthani language.

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