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Rajasthan may soon have Wi-Fi equipped Colleges and Varsities

Education sector in Rajasthan is all set to be revamped with various new changes.

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Jaipur: Students of Government colleges and universities in Rajasthan may soon be able to avail free Wi-Fi facilities.

The proposal for installing Wi-Fi in all the higher education institutes was presented in the meeting held in the Doctor Radhakrishnan Shiksha Sankul in Jaipur. The meeting was conducted by higher education minister Kiran Maheshwari who discussed various education system related issues with the University Vice Chancellors of the state.

During the meeting, Maheshwari also discussed about opening Entrepreneurship Centers and Skill Development Courses at the state universities, so that scholars may easily explore the different ways for becoming self-reliant, without merely depending on good job opportunities.

He also stated that the government will soon start integrating all the processes, from the admission to the allotment of degrees, to develop standalone software. Efforts shall also be made to digitize all the education material, so that students may get the benefit of digital content for all the courses. Furthermore, committee has also decided to replace old and outdated courses with new job-oriented courses that may work in synchronization with the present market situations.

All these discussions were held in line with the announcement of upcoming ‘Jaipur Festival of Education’ that is to be organized from August 5 to 7.  

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