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'Jaipur Festival of Education' will be held in August

First in Nation: Rajasthan Government is organizing a state level education festival in August

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Jaipur: State government of Rajasthan is organizing a two-day education festival in Jaipur in collaboration with Dubai-based Gems Education Foundation.

The Jaipur Festival of Education is the first of its kind event to be held in India. As per the statement made after the meeting held on Thursday, it aims at revamping the education system in the state to improve its quality and create new opportunities in the sector.

Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje, while introducing the event, said, “The festival will be a milestone in development of education in the country. It targets teachers, students and educational institutes to have a face-to-face with the innovations and new cutting-edge technologies in education across the world, so that these could be adopted here and Rajasthan could attract newer heights in this sector,''

She also directed the officials of school and higher education to start preparing for the upcoming event. Schools and other education institutes were also suggested to introduce new methods in the imparting of education, laying emphasis on how out-of-the box thinking is necessary in education the coming generation.

This festival that will be organized in August is considered the maiden run of the event. If it generates desirable results similar event shall be held in the different districts of the state.

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