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Temples of Barmer with an interesting Back Story

Here’s a brief discussion about Barmer and its temples that have an interesting back story. These include Vankal Mata Temple and Rani Bhatiyani Temple.

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Temples of Barmer

Vankal Mata Temple

Temples of Barmer

Vankal Mata Temple, Barmer

Temples of Barmer

Rani Bhatiyani Temple

Rajasthan is a unique part of India that has a vast pool of landscapes, cultures, traditions, and ancient history. It’s an interesting place to explore the stories of the past and to experience the warm hospitality of the locals. Barmer is one of the places in the state that has its own narrative that will make you eager to listen to it.

Here’s a brief discussion about Barmer and its temples that have an interesting back story:

About Barmer

Barmer is named after its ruler Bahad Rao Parmar who once reigned this portion of the state. It is considered as a city of temples and historical structures because of which many tourists, as well as archeologists, have been interested in taking a trip to Barmer. The city has got a touch of rural life, ancient monuments, and scenic views that are worth capturing in a camera. It's one of the most famous tourist attractions of Barmer.

Temples in Barmer

Vankal Mata Temple

There is an interesting story behind the establishment of this temple. It’s said that when King Vikramaditya of Ujjain visited Baluchistan for a battle, he prayed to Hingalaj Devi to accompany him back to the city. The Goddess agreed on a condition that the king was not allowed to look back and he agreed.

However, on his way, an illusion caught him in a trap and he had to turn back to find his way. That’s when Hingalaj Devi vanished from the site. Later, the devotees built at a temple at the same site. It’s said that the neck of the idol is tilted and hence it’s known as Vankal Mata Temple in the local dialect.

Rani Bhatiyani Temple

Legend has it that Rani Bhatiyani was born as a princess of a small kingdom in Jaisalmer and her name was Swarup. She was married to Rajput Prince Kalyan Singh. However, Kalyan Singh wanted to get rid of her to marry another woman. So, he spread a rumor about his own demise in a battle but in reality, his brother had died in the battlefield. As it was a practice for the widows, she obliged to commit Sati.

Even when she came to know about the conspiracy, she jumped into her brother-in-law’s funeral pyre. Soon after her death, Kalyan Singh’s clan was struck by calamities and then he decided to build a shrine for the princess to bring peace to the family. He erected a shrine in Jasol to honor his deceased wife. This temple is located 5 kms away from Balotra Railway Station.


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