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Barmer is among the larger districts in Rajasthan. Being in the western part of the state, it includes a part of the Thar Desert.

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places to visit in Barmer

Kiradu Temples

India's fifth largest district, Barmer is rich in craft that include wood carving, pottery, embroidery work and ajrak prints. Let's explore the attractions and places to visit in Barmer.

Barmer Fort & Garh Temple - Rawat Bhima build a Barmer fort in 1552 AD at hillock in present city of Barmer when he shifted old Barmer (Presently JUNA village in Barmer Dist) to present city. He build a fort on top of the city which is also known as Barmer Garh. This Hill of Barmer Fort has two important religious places; At the 1383 feet high top of the hill is temple of Jog Maya Devi (Garh Mandir) & then there is Nagnechi Mata temple which is at a height of 500 feet. Both temples are very famous and have fair during Navratra festivals.

Kiradu Temples - A cluster of 5 temples, known as the Kiradu Temples is located 35 km from Barmer, in a town near the Thar Desert. These temples have remarkable and magnificent sculptures in the Solanki style of architecture. These temples are dedicated to Lord Shiva and of the five temples; Someshvara Temple is the most remarkable.

Shri Nakoda Jain Temple - Shree Nakoda ji or Parshwanath Temple of Nakoda is located on a beautiful 1500 feet high hill in the forest and the natural view is simply peaceful, beautiful and fascinating. It is one of the most important and famous pilgrimage for the Jain community in India. The major attraction of the temple is the main idol of the 24th Jain Tirthankara Parshvanth. The statue is 58 cm in height with black complexion in the Padmasana posture.

Juna fort & Temple - Juna (Old Barmer) was the main city before Rawat Bhima shifted Barmer to new place where present city stands. Juna now remains as ruins of past glory and old heritage. It is 25 Kms from Barmer and is known for its Jain temple and old fort. Juna is surrounded by hills and also a small lake.

Chintamani Parasnath Jain Temple - This temple is known for magnificent sculptures and spectacular ornamental paintings. The interior part of the temple also features rich inlay work made with glass. The temple lies on top of a hillock in the western part of Barmer city.

Other top sights in Barmer:

  • Devka-Sun Temple
  • Vishnu Temple
  • Rani Bhatiyani Temple
  • Siwana Fort
  • Jogmaya Garh Temple
  • Sujeshwar Hanuman Tekri
  • Shiv Mandir
  • Jasedar Dham
  • Indroi Temple
  • Safed Aakda
  • Barmer Desert
  • Nimbdi
  • Sanjada Mata Temple
  • Viratra Mata Temple
  • Asotra (Lord Bhramha Temple)
  • Bheemgoda
  • Aashapura Mata Mandir
  • Hinglaj Maata Mandir
  • Khed Temple
  • Rokadiya Hanumanji Temple


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