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5 Souvenirs to buy on your Udaipur Trip | Rajasthan Tourism

If you take a trip to the Lake City and have enough time to explore the markets, make sure you buy these souvenirs from Udaipur.

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Souvenirs to buy from Udaipur

Rajasthani Painting

 Souvenirs to buy from Udaipur

Cushion Covers with Danka Embroidery

 Souvenirs to buy from Udaipur

Udaipur Jewelry

 Souvenirs to buy from Udaipur

Puppet Store in Udaipur

 Souvenirs to buy from Udaipur

Stone crafts

Udaipur is a highly popular holiday destination not just for the beauty of its lakes but also for the range of things you can do on the trip. Shopping for souvenirs in Rajasthan is something that is must irrespective of where you are in the state.

If you take a trip to the Lake City and have enough time to explore the markets, make sure you buy the following souvenirs from Udaipur.


Market: Art Stone Gallery, Ashoka Arts

Rajasthan is well known for its paintings, especially the miniature paintings. These art pieces will come handy if you ever decide to furnish your home with Rajasthani style interior decoration. There are various kinds of paintings that you can buy in the markets of Udaipur. Some of these narrate mythological tales while some depict the ancient stories of the kingdoms and empires that were once an integral part of Rajasthan.

2.Cushion Covers with Danka Embroidery

Market: Kashmir Artizan

Danka embroidery is highly popular in Udaipur and attracts several tourists to the shops. This style of embroidery is commonly seen in clothing, accessories, and cushion covers. This style of embroidery makes use of metal and beads. Make sure that you buy the cushion covers embedded with Danka Embroidery and add grace to your living room.


Market: Hathipole Bazaar

Jewelry is found in abundance in the entire Rajasthan. Much like the Johari Bazaar of Jaipur, Udaipur also flaunts its markets dotted with a large number of shops selling jewelry items. Whether it’s gold, silver, or even imitation accessories, everything is available in Udaipur. You can buy these items as gifts for folks and share your experiences of Rajasthan trip with them.


Market: Puppet Store at University of Arts

Rajasthan is known for its art of puppet shows also known as Kathputli shows whereby dolls are decorated and hung with the help of strings and made to dance with the movement of fingers on the strings.

Kathputli dance is an essential element for all fairs and events of Rajasthan. Either keep them as art pieces or gift them to your friends, the best quality, and variety of puppets can be found only in Rajasthan.

5.Stone crafts

Market: The Government Store, Pramatama Stone Crafts

Undoubtedly Rajasthani art and craft is a true reflection of the rich culture of the state. One of the artworks showcased by the artist of Rajasthan is the detailed carvings of stone crafts. These are available in different styles, shapes, and sizes and add uniqueness to your collection of home décor items.


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