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Famous Art and Craft of Rajasthan you must buy

Here’s a compilation of famous Rajasthani things to buy when you are visiting the state. It also includes Jaipur’s most famous handicrafts and art pieces without which the shopping list will remain incomplete.

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Gems and Jewellery of Rajasthan

Gems and Jewellery of Rajasthan

 Carpets and Dhurries of Rajasthan

Carpets and Dhurries of Rajasthan

Paintings of Rajasthan

Paintings of Rajasthan

Blue Pottery of Rajasthan

Blue Pottery of Rajasthan

Puppets of Rajasthan

Puppets of Rajasthan

Fabrics of Rajasthan

Fabrics of Rajasthan

rajasthani arts and crafts

rajasthani arts and crafts

Rajasthan is a magnet in terms of its tourist destinations with which travelers are bound to fall in love. It’s not just the historical places, art forms, or mouth-watering delicacies that entice the tourists. They are equally interested in knowing as to what is famous in Rajasthan for shopping or the best shopping places in Rajasthan.

So, if you ever visit Rajasthan and decide to pick up souvenirs, there are certain things that you must include in your shopping list. Here’s a compilation of famous Rajasthani things to buy:

1.Gems and Jewellery

Whether it’s the recent look of Deepika Padukone from Padmavati or the popular role of Jodha Bai essayed by Aishwarya Rai, we all have seen the kind of jewellery that Rajasthani queens used to wear. Not just the royal beauties, but the women residing in villages, or women during festivals can be seen sporting the Rajasthani attire with spectacular pieces of jewellery.

Rajasthan is quite famous for Lac bangles, traditional Thewa Jewellery, enamel ornaments, and even hand-cut gems and stones. Pieces like headgears, anklets, necklaces are the ultimate desire of every woman. So if you are ever visiting the state, you must take note of the ornaments, gems and precious stones that you won’t easily find anywhere else.

2.Carpets and Dhurries:

Back in the 17th Century AD, when the Afghanistan weavers were invited by the Mughals, it introduced carpets and dhurries manufacturing in Rajasthan for the very first time.

Rajasthan is one of the few places from where you can buy a wide range of carpets. The state owns a diversity of patterns including Charkona, Mehrab, Dushala, and Shikar created on the finest quality of woolen fibres. Talking about Dhurries, these are weaved using looms to create interesting geometric and floral designs. These are made up of cotton yarn or camel hair.

The main hubs for buying these rugs can be found in Bikaner, Ajmer, and Jaipur, and Jodhpur. Besides, smaller cities like Barmer, Choksu, and Tonk (95 km away from Jaipur) are also available for an excellent lineup of carpets and dhurries.


Your shopping list won’t be complete if you miss out on the magnificent paintings. These are royal, classy, and can lighten up your living room’s look. Right from the mythological tales to the interesting stories from ancient kingdoms, these pieces of art will definitely steal your heart away.

There are of different styles like the Mughal paintings portraying the life story of Mughals or the Rajputana paintings telling the tale of Mahabharat and Ramayan. Another category is the Phad and Pichwai paintings that depict the story of two popular folk heroes- Pabuji and Devnarayan.

4.Blue Pottery

Blue pottery made its entry to the state through the routes of Persia and Afghanistan. Unlike the conventional pottery, this art form uses quartz instead of clay. In addition, the raw materials include raw glaze, sodium sulphate, and multani mitti. Furthermore, the use of copper oxide and cobalt oxide leave majestic hues of blue and turquoise.

Suitable for everyday use, this pottery doesn’t develop cracks as found in the earthen pottery. The usual designs include Mughal art patterns or birds and animals motifs. There is a wide variety to choose, ranging from surahis, soap dishes, vases, coasters, tray, fruit bowls, door knobs, or even tiles.

The art is definitely among Jaipur’s famous things to buy. It is predominantly practiced and showcased in the capital city but one can also find a limited number of market stores in Sanganer, Mahalan, and Neota.


Regarded as stuffed toys or dolls, puppets are the most common element found across the state of Rajasthan. It’s not merely a means of entertainment but the puppet shows reflect an art and an ancient culture that still serves as a source of living for many villagers.

Apart from displaying drama and dance programs, these puppets are also sold in different parts of the state. These are made of wood, clay, and other materials, clad in vibrant colors, and are usually hand-made. Udaipur, Chittorgarh, Nagaur, Bari, and Sawai-Madhopur are some common markets for buying puppets.


Rajasthan has a rich variety of fabrics that can turn any person into a shopaholic. Taking a stroll in the markets, while exploring Rajasthani special dresses, you will come across a lot of works like block printing, tie-dye, bandhani and embroideries. Some popular patterns are- Lahariya, Mothda, Shikari, and Ekdali.

Besides, some distinct prints in the form of Snaganeri, Bagru and even mirror-work are great options for shopping. Places like Nakki Lake, Pushkar, and Baneshwar exhibit a large number of fabrics during the fairs and festivals in Rajasthan.

7.Wall Tapestry

Wall tapestries are often used as wall hangings in living rooms to give a decorative look to the home. These are sold in different designs ranging from floral prints to elephant prints and even flaunt patchwork motifs.

These tapestries can be availed at attractive price ranges in Jaipur markets.  These are washable and the color doesn’t fade away with regular use. Most of them are hand-made but the machine-printed pieces are also very popular in the market.

8.Beach Roundies

Beach roundies are light-weighted sheets with a large surface area. The superior quality of cloth is used for the layering, designing, and coloring done by silk that renders a soft texture to the roundies. Stitched in beautiful patterns, these sheets are usually used in beaches.

Besides, it can also be used at homes, along with comfy cushions for a perfect evening at the time of sunset. Apart from being used as beach sheets, these can also be used as bed covers, table cloth, and tapestry. These roundies are washable and the color doesn’t fade away.


Often tourists in Rajasthan prefer to buy mojris from footwear shops as these are unique, comforting as well as stylish. These are totally hand-made and perfectly compliment the Indian attire. However, nowadays people wear it with casuals as well.

Designed for both males and females, mojris are eccentric, colorful, and are available in categories like gol panja (round toe), chota panja (small toe), and salem sahi (pointed toe). The modern versions of mojris are available as slip-ons, sandals and slippers. Some exquisite mojris are found in Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Bikaner.

Rajasthan has an abundance of artworks, handicrafts, and other masterpieces that reflect its age-old culture. Every nook and corner, irrespective of the city, can be found studded with valuable works. So, pick up your favourite Rajasthani famous things from this list and take them home as a memorable token of its heritage.


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