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Places to visit in Rajasthan in December to experience winters with a Festive mood

Here we are rendering a list of places to visit in Rajasthan in December to enjoy the festivals of the state.

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Kumbalgarh festival

Kumbalgarh festival

Rajasthan Heritage Week

Rajasthan Heritage Week

Magnetic Field Festival

Magnetic Field Festival

Shree The Sacred Festival

Shree The Sacred Festival

Ranakpur Festival

Ranakpur Festival

Mt Abu Winter Festival

Mt Abu Winter Festival

People often visit Rajasthan to get a glimpse into the rich culture and heritage of the state. It’s known for the valuable history of kings and emperors, their palaces, historic tales, and amazing arts & crafts. However, the most suitable time to visit the state is in winters when the weather is pleasant and the festive mood is in full swing.

In order to ensure a pleasant and fun-filled trip, here we are rendering a list of places in Rajasthan that you must visit in December to enjoy the festivals of the state:


Kumbalgarh festival (1st to 3rd December)

Hosted by the Kumbalgarh fort cradled in the Aravali Ranges, the Kumbalgarh festival is an attempt by the tourism department of Rajasthan to get the tourists acquainted with the valuable culture of the state.

It goes on for three days and has various fun-filled activities for day and night session. While there are competitions like turban tying and mehndi applying during the daytime, evenings are adorned with lights, colors, and beautiful folk performances.


Rajasthan Heritage Week (8th to 10th December)

Rajasthan Heritage Week presents the traditional textiles of the state integrated with talented and renowned designers across the globe. The forthcoming edition of the event is its 3rd iteration that will bring out classy combinations of craftsmen with designers to promote Khadi varieties in cotton, silk, and wool.

Magnetic Field Festival (15th to 17th December)

It’s a three-day musical extravaganza that reveals the fun side of Jaipur. Mainly meant for youngsters, the event has several attractions like rooftop dancing, treasure hunts, yoga classes, secret parties, and what not. The stage is set on fire with live performances of various artists and bands.


Shree- The Sacred Festival (16th to 17th December)

Shree The Sacred Festival is a newly introduced festival celebrated in Pushkar with an aim to evoke spirituality amongst the onlookers. It has activities like Yoga, meditation, and music involving religious hymns.

The tourists are also taken to a heritage walk to the ghats and temples of the city. There are 52 ghats and 400 temples in the city which make it a perfect destination for religious crowds. In the past, singers like Kailash Kher and Shubha Mudgal have charmed the celebrations.


Ranakpur Festival (21st December)

The Pali district of Ranakpur city hosts one of the most delightful festivals of Rajasthan- the Ranakpur Festival. There are various activities like tug of war, beautiful decorations, and several cultural programs. The amphitheater at Sun Temple also hosts folk and classical performances that you cannot afford to miss.

Mount Abu

Mount Abu Winter Festival (29th to 30th December)

The Mount Abu Winter Festival is one of the most popular ones in Rajasthan as it offers a blend of vibrant culture and magnificent handicrafts against the backdrop of an aesthetic scenic beauty of the mountains.

In the daylight, tourists can enjoy activities like kite flying, rowing boats, and cricket while past sunset, the major attraction is deepdaan in Nakki Lake and fireworks. The celebrations also include dance forms like Daph, Ghoomar, and there is poetry recitation as well.


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