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Mount Abu's Winter Festival

A celebration of nothern cultures, from 29th to 30th of December!

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A joint initiative of the Municipal Board of Tamil Nadu and  Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation, the Mount Abu Winter Festival is an intersting mix of various cultures from the Nothern regions of India. Featuring tribal dances, musical performances and classical dances, among many other activities, the festival also boasts of sports events. The rowing competitons anf friendly Cricket matches add to celebratory spirit of the festival. 

The festival regularly witnesss folk artists from neighouring states of Gujrat, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh and Punjab perform at the cultural events. The classical dance performances of Sufi Kathak and folk performances in styles such as Daph, Gair, Ghoomar and Kalbelia also attract a large number of tourists. The exciting activities such as kite flying, hot air ballooning and gilli danda attract huge crowds of locals as well as tourists. The festival also features poerty recitations and classical and folk music performances.

The evenings at the Winter Festival offer an enchating experience for visitors to the festival with the deepdan. A practice as old as time, it was involves ligting of lamps which are then set afloat on the Nakki Lake and has been tastefully incorporated in the festival. It begins with a colourful procession organised by local authorities and boasting heavy involvement from locals, and ends with the lamp ceremony on the lake.

Another colourful representation and celebration of the Rajasthani culture, it is held annually from 29th to 30th of December!


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