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Things you may not know about Camels

Camels are known as the Ship of the Desert that we all know. We are going to tell you some interesting things that you hardly know about camels.

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Camel Fair

Camel Fair

camel body art decoration

Usta Kala

Camel Decoration

Camel Decoration

camel in the desert

The Ship of the Desert

Let's know some lesser known interesting things about Camels, "The Ship of the Desert".

What makes camels special?

  • It is a well-known fact that Camels are usually found in hot countries. But do you know how they are able to survive in such scorching conditions? It is possible because of the fat depository in camel's humps which protect their body from the heat.
  • A camel can drink up to 150 liters at a time and thereafter there is no need to drink water for several days.
  • There are three layers of eyelids in the eyes of the camel, which protect their eyes from the dust in the desert.
  • The word “Camel” actually came from an Arabic word “Jamila” which means “beautiful” in English.
  • You must have seen pictures painted on camels, these painting made on camels is called 'Usta Kala'. This art involves carving on camel’s skin which is pretty adorable.

After knowing these characteristics of camels, if you are intrigued to see the camels at their maximum beauty, then there is a good way for that too.

International Camel Fair, Bikaner

This festival of camels is held every year in Bikaner. This is a festival in which you will not only see different types of camels but also their acrobatics will surprise you. Apart from this, there are many types of competitions, such as Kho-Kho, Rasha-Kassi (tug of war), Folk Dance, Men's Kabaddi, the most famous of which is the camel dance competition which may not be seen anywhere.


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