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Yogic fire dance gaining popularity

This tradition is an old age spiritual and cultural tradition of fire dancing in Rajasthan and continuously drawing attention of science which was started in 15 century.

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As Yoga becoming part of life after it is boosted by central and state government, the local yogic streams of Rajasthan is also getting way to serve people with healthy and mindful life. The most important Rajasthan's traditional Yogic stream, the fire dance is developing on the border of Nagaur at Shri Hasnath Asan, Panchla Siddha near Khimsar block of the district.

Here trained fire dancers demonstrate stability of mind and spirit by dancing around flames of fire, "We spin and circulate on drums beats with the Jasnath raga give us a feeling of freshness and trance state" said a local dancer in Siddha.

The meditation starts with dancing around the fire and spinning on local dialectics with the drums beat and when the stage of concentration reached the dancer stand in the pit full of burning coals and under flames, "Jasnath dancers made amazed spectators by this act and spectators by no logic of this yogic act," reacted a spectator.

Source : Times News Network

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