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Rajasthan will soon witness a Fair based on women-related trades

The new Department of Skill, Employment and Entrepreneurship (SEE) of Government of Rajasthan is soon going to organize a fair on women-related trades.

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Jaipur: The Skills for Employment and Entrepreneurship (SEE) Department of Rajasthan has announced in its recent review meeting that it is planning to organize a fair targeting women-related trades.

The SEE department is an initiative laid by the Government of Rajasthan for better focus on skill development and entrepreneurship in the state. The department has already taken some significant steps in the direction of its objective, and the organization of such a fair will ensure that the benefit of the initiative reaches to all the different sections of the society.

As per the information the fair will host employers and training partners, who are already working in the trades that in one way or other are related with the women population of the state.

While making the aforesaid announcement, Jaswant Singh Yadav, minister of the SEE department has said “We have taken up a lot of initiatives to upscale the skilling system of the state and we are planning many more such initiatives in the near future too.”

The other ‘initiatives taken up to upscale the skilling system of the state’ by the department include the Akshat Yojana, a plan regarding the unemployment allowance, that has already been made effective by the state government. Another of the big projects taken up by the department is launching of the Bharatiya Skill Development University in the state capital Jaipur. The university is scheduled to begin its operations with its first batch that will commence from July 1, 2017.

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