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Women in Bikaner received Sarla Devi Honor

5 women in the district were honored by Sarla Devi Award

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Bikaner: District celebrated the eighth death anniversary of Sarala Devi Chaudhurani, a prominent social activist and founder of the first women's organisation in India, by rewarding 5 women of the district with Sarla Devi Memorial Award.

The award ceremony was organized on the premises of Hotel Marudhar Heritage where organizer advocate Hiralal Harsh said, “The institution has received the pride of honoring the women dignitaries of different areas of the city, recurrently for the eighth year, in memory of Lt. Sarla Devi.” Chief guest of the ceremony, Sanwit Somagiri also said that Sarla Devi was an exceptional woman and a symbol of women's consciousness. It is commendable to honor women in this memorial ceremony”

The women who were awarded with ‘Sarla Devi Smriti Samman’ during the ceremony are Monika Gaur from the field of Literature, Dr Preeti Gupta from contributing in the sector of Ayurveda medicine,

Dr Meenakshi Chaudhary from the field of education, Accounting expert Dr. Jyotibala, Dr Sushma Bista in the field of mountaineering.

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