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Winter Snacks of the State

Winter snacking in Rajasthan goes with sesame, peanuts and jaggery.

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Til ke laddu recipe

Til ke laddu recipe

Mungfali Chikki recipe

Mungfali Chikki recipe

Til ki Chikki recipe

Til ki Chikki recipe

Gajak recipe

Gajak recipe

Media has always represented Rajasthan in a way that leaves people thinking that the state’s weather is always hot, when the truth cannot be farther from it. Rajasthan too has its cycles of different seasons which, without a doubt, include chilling winters. At times, many districts in the state have faced hard wintery temperature of below 0° C.

At such times, it becomes imperative for the denizens to change their diet and start consuming comestibles that have inherent warming qualities; comestibles like jaggery, sesame, and peanuts. These three edibles are, as considered by most of the people in Rajasthan, are panacea for all ailments associated with colder temperatures. They have higher nutritional values as well, peanut and sesame being excellent sources of proteins and jaggery of Calcium, iron, Magnasium and potassium.

  1. Til ke laddu (Sesame-Jaggery balls)

    This traditional Rajasthani dessert is nothing but aromatic crunchy ball of roasted sesame seeds and jaggery. Often added with other ingredients like cardamom powder and crushed peanuts, the laddus are usually enjoyed in the month of January and February, when winters are in their full-scale cooling mode. It is considered auspicious to consume and give them away as charity on the day of Makar Sakranti (a Hindu festival)

  2. Mungfali Chikki (Peanut brittle)

    Peanut brittles are the ideal munchies; they are sweet, brittle, healthy, and have inherent satiating effects. A perfect alternative for granola bars, they can be consumed as a quick breakfast. What more? The warming effects of both the primary ingredients will give you the instant energy boost that will keep you away from the common winter fatigue. And the high fiber consistency of groundnuts will also make you feel satiated and keeping you safe from the threatening blow of winter appetite.
  3. Til Patti

    For those who have peanut allergy (and also those who do not) can find a yet crispier snack in til patti. Made by using the same process and almost same ingredients til patti is cooked using sesame seeds in place of crushed peanuts. This replacement will bring two changes the bars will be thinner and consequently crispier. Sesame seed, while having lower values of proteins, have a lot more warming effects than peanuts. So if you want kick out the winter fatigue real quick, til patti of Rajasthan is your answer.
  4. Gajak

    If sticky bars are not what you prefer for munching, than this drier version of jaggery, sesame and ground nuts is your perfect winter snack in Rajasthan. Evidently, the process of making Gajak is more time-consuming and includes much of hammering. Dough of jaggery, roasted and crushed peanuts and sesame seeds are hammered down until a powdery consistency is received. Once that’s done, processes for binding the product starts which may take several hours.


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