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Vasundhara Raje says Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2018 belongs to women

Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2018 to be held on 7th of December. Vasundhara Raje says Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2018 belongs to women

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Rajasthan Assembly Elections

 Rajasthan Assembly Elections

Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2018

At Nari Shakti Sammelan Vijay Sankalp, Rajasthan chief minister Vasundhara Raje said that in the upcoming Rajasthan Assembly Elections women will play a prominent role. She further claimed that the women community will “bring the BJP back to power” in Rajasthan. In Rajasthan, polls will be held on December 7 and results come on 11th December. Know what Raje said while addressing the rally.

Raje on Women’s growth

While addressing the people, Raje said that women are now fighting for their rights who have not had the chance to come to the forefront. Focusing on women empowerment, Smt. Raje said that BJP is fighting for women. She asked for public support to bring the change in society.

Later, Raje discussed the participation of the women in all the three yatra i.e. Parivartan Yatra, Suraj Sankalp Yatra and Rajasthan Gaurav Yatra. She said that I noticed massive participation from women. In fact, during recent yatra, the women were the most active.

Praising her late mother Vijaya Raje Scindia

Vasundhara Raje also praised the efforts of her mother for nurturing the Jana Sangh. This party later morphed into Bhartiya Janata Party. This is her dedication for the party that she had given her time and money to the party. She had even put the party and the people over family. She is also following her legacy.

In the address, she quoted the incident of former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s meet with her sick mother. She was extremely happy to know that Atalji became Indian PM and BJP would only grow now.

It was organized by Bharatiya Janata Party’s women wing to commemorate late Vijaya Raje Scindia’s 100th birth anniversary. Rajasthan’s BJP’s women wing celebrated Scindia’s centenary on October 12 in all 200 assembly constituencies.


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