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Udaipur Bird Festival: A Chance to Adore and Explore Nature

Udaipur Bird Festival is going to have a bird race whereby teams will explore several bird species and gather information about them.

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Udaipur Bird Festival

Udaipur Bird Festival

Udaipur Bird Festival

Udaipur Bird Festival

Udaipur Bird Festival

Udaipur Bird Festival

Udaipur Bird Festival

Udaipur Bird Festival

Udaipur Bird Festival

Udaipur Bird Festival

Udaipur Bird Festival

Udaipur Bird Festival

Udaipur Bird Festival is an annual event that provides a platform for bird lover to gather information and observe various species of birds. Usually, it’s carried out for 3 days; this iteration of the program is going to be grand and bigger than the previous installments.

This time around, the event will offer bird lovers a chance to explore various bird species and gather information about them through a contest of bird race.

In this competition, 6 teams each having 5 members will be formed and will be handed over a manual, a booklog and a vehicle. The teams will be heading towards the major water bodies spread around 40 km radius of the city to spot different species of birds.

Each team will be required to note down the details in the book log and submit the collected data to the juries by the end of the day. The team with maximum information on bird species will be declared as the winner.

Besides, there will be seminars, photo exhibition, photography contest, and workshops disseminating valuable information. There will also be competitions for kids and activities like bird watching and on spot photography.

The event is a gentle reminder to make the mankind aware of the beauty and importance of the creatures. Birds are important for our ecosystem and hence they must be preserved and taken care of. Such events are crucial for us to be acquainted with the environment that we live in and realize that nature is to adore and not to be harmed.

The schedule of the event is mentioned as follows:

Venue, Date & Time

09  Jan. 2019 | 12:00Pm to 6:00Pm
Handing over Bird logbook, manual, related materials and vehicles to teams participating in bird race
Chief Conservator of Forests
Near Mohta Park, Chetak Circle, Udaipur

10  Jan. 2019 | 6:00 Am  to 6:00 Pm
Departure of teams from Udaipur to waterbodies on bird race
Waterbodies located in 60 km. radius from Udaipur City.

10  Jan. 2019 | 06:00 Pm
Participant teams of Bird race will reach at Field Club and submit their bird logbook to the Juries. Followed by evaluation and declaration of results
Field Club, Udaipur

11 Jan. 2019 | 8:00Am to 12:30Pm
1. Inaugural Function of 5th Udaipur Bird Festival
2. Birding and On Spot Photography Competition for two groups : Women and Others
3. Spot Painting & Written Quiz Competition for School children
Kalka-Mata Park- Jungle Safari,Sisarma, Udaipur

11 Jan. 2019 | 11:00Am to 2:30Pm
Workshop on Wildlife Photography by photography experts (only for registered participants on pay of Rs. 250/- for students & Rs. 500/- for others)
AranyaKutir, Udaipur

11 Jan. 2019 | 11:30Am
Exhibition on photographs of Birds from South Rajasthan Including Stamp Collection On Birds & Bird Paintings
Information Center, Udaipur

11 Jan. 2019 | 3:00Pm to 6:00Pm
Nature Literature Festival
MLSU Guest house conference hall  Udaipur

12 Jan. 2019 | Whole day
Bird Watching at identified waterbodies  (Buses will start by 6:00 A.M. from Mohta Park, Chetak Circle, Udaipur)
1. Menar, Badawai, Kishankareri
2. Mangalwad, Nagawali 3. JawaiBandh
4. Bhopalsagar, Kapasan waterbodies
5. Rajsamand, rajiawas waterbodies

13 Jan. 2019 | 9:00Am to 12:00Pm
Session on experience sharing, valediction and prize distribution
MLSU Guest house conference hall Udaipur

Website: www.udaipurbirdfestival.com


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