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Two Udaipur railway stations turn more eco-friendly

Times of India Apr 12, 2017, 08:38 IST TNN

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UDAIPUR: Two railway stations in Udaipur city have become more passenger and eco-friendly with the launching of various amenities including passenger-operated enquiry terminals (POET), a solar plant, a current berth availability display system etc. The facilities were inaugurated in a ceremony at the city station here on Tuesday in the presence of mayor Chandra Singh Kothari, Anil Singhal, general manager of North Western Railway and Puneet Chawla, the divisional railway manager, Ajmer.

On the occasion, a statue of Maharana Pratap too was unveiled at the station. The 6-foot-tall statue which weighs 220 kilograms has been provided by the Maharana Pratap Museum, Haldighati. Four POET machines have been placed where passengers can get details of PNR status, tatkal and train accommodation, fare details, coach positions etc. Another amenity added is the current berth availability system in which the status of vacant seats is displayed after the chart is prepared by the system.

A passenger can now make a reservation in the desired category according to his/her convenience. Television sets have been installed at reservation counters to display the system.

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