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Rajasthan organizes two-day training for doctors on Cancer treatment and diagnosis

Rajasthan organizes two-day training for doctors on Cancer treatment and diagnosis. This training program will help in improving treatment for Cancer.

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Rajasthan Cancer Treatment

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Rajasthan Cancer Treatment

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Cancer has turned out to be one of the common ailments these days. It has badly spreading across the world. People are frequently being diagnosed with cancer. Hence, it is important that people should be aware of the disease and better health care services should be available. Considering this factor, the focus has been shifted to this area. To strengthen healthcare services and diagnosis for cancer, training program is being held at Jaipur from today. This training is organized by Medical Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant, RK Birla Cancer Center, Sawai Man Singh Hospital (SMS) in Jaipur.

To attend this training program, 30 medical officers working in different districts hospitals of Rajasthan have come to Jaipur. The training program is of two-day. This training is part of two-day 2nd Annual Indian Breast Cancer Conference.

What is the purpose of organizing the training program?

In Rajasthan’s district hospitals, district level cancer units have been set up.  So, it is important that medical officers must be well versed with the treatment of cancer. With the help of this training, medical officers are able to expand diagnosis and treatment facilities in district hospitals.  

The widely found breast cancer in women can also be diagnosed easily at district hospitals after medical officers learn the procedure. Women can come to district units and go for the test.


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