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Traffic cops gear up to deal with drunk drivers

Times Of India Mar 12, 2017, 08:38 TNN

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JAIPUR: The traffic police would deploy its full force to keep a tight leash on miscreants on Holi. The cops would seize the vehicles of owner if they are found guilty of drunken driving.

DCP (traffic) Haider Ali Zaidi told TOI that cops would be deployed at all important locations of the city to carry out breathalyzer machines in order to keep a check on drunken driving cases.

"The vehicles of drunken drivers would be seized and challans would be issued to them, also we would punch their licences," Zaidi said, adding that people will not be allowed to flout traffic norms and risk the lives of other motorists on roads.

Zaidi has also issued directions to his subordinates to cancel the license of those who drive recklessly. "If a driver crashes into another which results in any causality, then cops would be allowed to cancel the driving license of the accused on the spot," Zaidi said, adding that speed interceptor PCRs would be deployed across the city to catch people driving beyond permissible limit.

The cops have also banned loud music in the car as it can distract other drivers on the road, "People would not be allowed to hurl water balloons and colours at each other while driving," Zaidi said, adding that men-in-khaki would be deployed at emergency wards of city's major hospitals like Kanwatia, SMS Hospital etc.

"Holi is festival of joy and colour. We don't want anybody to ruin the festivity due to violation of basic traffic norms. Hence I request everybody to follow the traffic norms," Zaidi said.

The traffic police would be deployed at all important lanes of the city for better management of traffic on the day of Holi celebrations. The traffic control room would be operating with additional strength on March 13.

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