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Summer Vacations Special: Outdoor Games for Kids

Let's present your kids with these traditional long forgotten outdoor sports which are not just enjoyable but beneficial for health as well.

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traditional outdoor games


traditional outdoor games

Langdi Taang

traditional outdoor games


traditional outdoor games


traditional outdoor games


traditional outdoor games

Gilli Danda

Kabaddi kabaddi kabaddi ...


Ghoda hai jamaal shahi, peechhe dekhe maar khayi...

Remember these games?

Let us take you to the childhood memories when we used to go for playing with friends straight after coming back from school. Whether it was satoliya, gilli-danda, kanche or kho-kho, these games were not just enjoyable but also helped the kids keep themselves physically fit and develop some skills.

However, these days you will not notice a group of children playing in the streets or gardens as these games have been replaced by smartphones and smart TVs. Such kind of technological advancements are not good for the children as you must be aware of the harms of Blue Whale game.

Each of these traditional sports has its own unique feature which is great for your growth as well as entertainment. While games like satoliya and kanche increase concentration, langdi taang is helpful in learning balancing and kho-kho is perfect for building physical strength and teamwork.

Now you know that these games are not just for entertainment but equally beneficial for health as well. So let's keep our children away from the fancy games this summer vacations and motivate them to play these traditional games with you, as we are sure that you have lots of nostalgic moments related to your own childhood.


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