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Talking on phones while Driving will lead to license suspension

An order by Rajasthan High Court calls for immediate suspension of Driving License of those found talking on their mobile phones while driving.

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Talking on phones while Driving

Suspension of License if found talking on phone while driving

In an effort to minimize road accidents across the state, the Rajasthan High Court has passed an order directing authorities to suspend driving licenses of those who are found talking on their mobile phones while driving.

A bench comprising of Justices Gopal Krishan Vyas and Ramchandra Singh Jhala ordered the traffic police authorities to ensure that no driver shall speak on the mobile phone while driving a vehicle.

The high court also directed the Regional Transport Organisation (RTO) and transport department authorities to initiate proceedings to cancel licenses after giving an opportunity for a hearing.

The order was passed after the additional commissioner of police (traffic) told the court earlier that a large number of four and two-wheeler drivers were using mobile phones while driving, which was not permissible under the law, thereby causing accidents.

On a related note, 13 students from Divine Public School in Uttar Pradesh's Kushinagar died after their school bus collided with a train at an unmanned crossing.

Using mobile phone while driving is illegal in India under the Motor Vehicles Act. However, the ban is rarely enforced.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), individuals using mobile phones while driving face four times the risk of accidents than others.

source: ANI


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