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This Super Expressway Will Take You From Gurugram To Jaipur In Just 90 Minutes!

India Times Mar 11, 2017

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The distance between two states seems to be getting lesser with the government making new highways. The latest addition to the list of new roads is what is said to be a super highway that claims to reduce the time of distance covered between Gurugram and Jaipur to just 90 minutes.

According to highways minister, Nitin Gadkari, the work will start this expressway very soon. 

The distance between Delhi and Jaipur is 260 km. The proposed super expressway, between the outskirts of Gurgaon and Jaipur, will cover 200 km. It will be impossible to cover this distance in 90 minutes sticking to the notified speed limit, which is 100 kmph for expressways in India (for highways it's 90). Gadkari said the government will notify different speed limits for such super expressways.

"We will revise the maximum speed limit. The proposed expressway will take off from the outskirts of Gurgaon and join Jaipur Ring Road (on the outer periphery of the city). We expect this total stretch to be around 200 km. Since it will be access controlled, one can maintain high speed all along the expressway," Gadkari told TOI.

Addressing industry leaders in Gurgaon in March last year, he had said the Centre would enhance the present speed limit and people would be able to drive at 130-140 kmph on expressways.

The ambitious Delhi-Jaipur expressway project was first conceived during UPA-II, but it made no headway.

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