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Rajasthan Commision for Backward Classes Bill passed

Times Of India Mar 07, 2017, 09:43 IST TNN

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JAIPUR: The State Commission for Backward Classes Bill, 2017 was passed with a voice vote in the Rajasthan assembly on Monday. The Bill will replace the Rajasthan Commission for Backward Classes Ordinance, 2016 promulgated on October 21 last year by governor Kalyan Singh as the assembly was not in session.

The Bill was passed after a debate on various reservation related issues raised by the legislators. Participating in the debate, senior BJP MLA Ghanshyam Tiwai targeted his government for the way it was dealing with conflicts arising over reservations. "The government has some 'tamed' deer that it sends over to catch other deer," said Tiwari. This did not go down well with Parliamentary affairs minister Rajendra Rathore, who raised an objection.

Tiwari also strongly advocated for quota for the Special Backward Classes (SBC) and Economic Backward Classes (EBC). "There are other states where quota is more than 51 per cent, so why can it not be here" Today, even those belonging to the creamy layer apply and take up jobs as sanitation workers in the unreserved category. So why can't there be further reservations for the SBC," he argued.

Tabling the Bill, social justice and empowerment minister Arun Chaturvedi said that in pursuance of the directions of the Supreme Court in Indra Sawhney and others vs Union of India and others, the Rajasthan State Commission for Backward Classes was constituted by the state government order in 2007.

He further said that the Rajasthan High Court had also directed the state government to appoint a permanent commission for backward classes by enacting a suitable legislation.

"In order to implement the above direction of the high court and to provide statutory status to the Rajasthan State Commission for Backward Classes, the state government has decided to bring a legislation for constitution of the commission, which will work as a permanent mechanism to advise the state government for inclusion and complaints of over-inclusion or under inclusion of any category of backward classes," Chaturvedi said.

He assured all that the state government is committed to provide reservation to SBCs and EBCs.

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