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Women's Day Special: Jaipur Metro: At Shyam Nagar station, women show the way for nation

Times Of India Mar 06, 2017, 10:22 IST TNN

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JAIPUR: The Jaipur Metro has already earned the distinction of operating the first all-woman Metro station in the country.

The Metro station, Shyam Nagar, is being operated successfully by an all-woman staff since September 2016.

The station, which was christened 'Pratham Mahila Shakti Railway Station', employs 32 women across all services. The women staff is engaged in all operations, from supervising customers and passengers to taking care of maintenance and cleanliness of the station.

Rajshree Saini, a customer relations assistant who has a had an excellent stint at Shyam Nagar till now, said, "We are proud of our job here. We are setting an example for the entire nation. Each passing day gives me more confidence and strength to handle these operations."

Supporting her views, train operator-cum-station controller Monika Mittal said, "It has been an enriching experience. I beleive women are more stronger than anyone to handle the entire operation. Six months ago, I became a mother and with the help of women staff members, I could strike a balance between work and home."

The Jaipur Metro is already a role model for the nation and the only railway organization to have up to 30% women employees.

On the 9.25km stretch, from Mansarovar to Chandpole, about 200 women manage the entire show. The corporation is planning to increase the number of women in service.

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