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Sanjay Dalmia – Industrialist who turned a Rajasthani village into a City like area

Delhi's leading Industrialist Sanjay Dalmia has been working since the last 14 years for uplifting people and raising the standard of living in a village which comes under Chirawa tehsil of his home district Jhunjhunu.

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Dalmia Sewa Trust (DST), run by Delhi's leading industrialist Sanjay Dalmia, has been working with a sincere interest in the field of uplifting people and raising their standard of living in a village coming under Chirawa tehsil of his home district Jhunjhunu.

Trust has been working on various welfare schemes in the area of Ismailpur, since 2004, in the field of education, environment, water conservation, health, and hygiene. The Trust is busy in all areas such as cleanliness and hygiene by providing clean and safe drinking water facilities. Rainwater is stored in the Harvesting Tank, which can be used for recycling and cooking.

In this village, the Dalmia Sewa Trust (DST) is actively working towards the upliftment of children because children are the future of the nation. Trust is running many schemes like providing free education to girls and managing mid-day meals in schools. For this, the trust is also ahead in the task of planting trees to preserve the environment.

Dalmia Sewa Trust is showing a keen interest in the idea of clean India campaign by working its part in the field of cleanliness and hygiene in Chirawa. For this, the trust is constructing toilets in 100 houses where people are struggling with financial problems and they cannot build toilets on their own resources.

DST has also constructed houses for nearly 100 homeless families in Chirawa. All these functions of social service are managed by Dalmia Sewa Trust on behalf of their resources. They do not get any help from the state administration or any external agencies.

Dalmia Trust is also trying to provide healthcare to economically weaker sections of the society. Sanjay Dalmia's interest is to provide clean water to the people and to work effectively in promoting cleanliness and cleanliness. With the help of the Indian Service Society, the Dalmia Sewa Trust organizes free health camps for the treatment of various diseases of the eyes of people of poor and economically weaker sections of the society and asthma.

Cleanliness and hygiene are very important for living a healthy life. Trust is working in this direction. The Trust has so far built 125 toilets and 75 toilets are being constructed in the village. All this work is already done before Modi Government's Clean India campaign begins.

 The Dalmia Sewa Trust has adopted a significant contribution while adopting Ismailpur village of Chirawa Tehsil for social development. Under the Rural Development Project, the Trust has built houses of about 13 homeless families. Trust is making 15-20 more houses of such kind. The Dalmia family urges other major companies and corporations to come forward for national integration, thereby creating a creative link between the government and industry for the overall development of the country.


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