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Sambhar Mahotsav 2018 - Preserving the Past, Promoting the Future

For the purpose of promoting the tourism and art culture of Rajasthan, the Sambhar Mahotsav is going to be organized at Sambhar Lake from 23-25 February, 2018.

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Sambhar Mahotsav - Organizers and Partners

Organizers and Partners

Sambhar Mahotsav - Schedule


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Sambhar Mahotsav

Sambhar Mahotsav

Sambhar is a famous place for excursions which is a small city in Jaipur district of Rajasthan State in India. The place is also known as Sambhar Lake Town and also Salt Lake City. Sambhar is located along with Sambhar Lake which is the largest saline lake in India. The lake is widespread with saline wetland with water deepness that is fluctuated according to seasons. The Sambhar lake basin is divided by a long dam made of sandstone.

Get ready to be a witness of Colorful and Exotic Journey at Sambhar Mahotsav from 23rd to 25th February 2018.

Gajendra Singh Rathore, organizer of the Sambhar Mahotsav said that this festival will be different and unique in its kind.

Arrangements will be made to accommodate tourists and visitors at the venue. Apart from this, there are many events, including the Vintage Car Rally, Camel Riding, Paragliding, Car Rally, Bike Rally, Hot Air Balloon and Kite Fest.

Meena Gupta, MD of Vibrant Entertainment, event partner of Sambhar Mahotsav, told that the festival will also celebrate traditional folklore with celebrity performance in this festival.

According to the creative designer of the event, Shubham Chakraborty, stalls will also be set up for artifacts of handicrafts and local artists in the Sambar festival. Apart from this, sports will also be organized at the venue for promotion of local sports.

Paramotoring will also be the center of attraction from the Sky School during the Sambar Mahotsav. Vedika from Sky School said that it will be a different kind of adventure tourists.

Meanwhile, Shailendra Bhatt, founder of Jaipur Art Summit, will also showcase painting and live art of native and foreign artists. The decoration of the festival will be done on the lines of Rajasthani theme in the Sambhar Mahotsav which will showcase the culture of Rajasthan.


  • Fleur Estelle, Belly Dancer from Egypt
  • Agnikula, Folk Fusion Band
  • Rahul Ranjan, Music Chopal
  • Farafi, International Fusion Band from Israel
  • Om Prakash Rana, Coke Studio fame
  • Soothing Shanivaar
  • Dino Banjara, Percussion Master
  • Hasin Warsi, The Burning Soul
  • Jasleen Matharu, Bollywood Singer
  • Sagarika Deb, Multi Genre Bollywood Singer


Preserving the Past, Promoting the Future...

23rd to 25th February 2018 (2 Nights, 3 Days)

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