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Saints of Bhakti Movement in Rajasthan

The movement was impromptu and the spiritual leaders had their own beliefs of devotional expressions which play an important role in Rajasthan.

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Saints Bhakti Movement Rajasthan

Saints Bhakti Movement Rajasthan

meera temple chittorgarh fort rajasthan

meera temple chittorgarh fort rajasthan

sant kavi sunderdas postal stamp

sant kavi sunderdas postal stamp

The most famous saints in the Bhakti Movement from Rajasthan were Meera Bai and Sunderdas.

Meera Bai was a great saint of the medieval times and among one of the few who ignited the Bhakti Movement in Rajasthan. She was born in 1498 in a small Rajput kingdom Kurki, in Pali district of Rajasthan. Her father, Ratan Singh Rathore was the ruler of Kurki. She got married to Bhoj Raj, the crown prince of Mewar, the son of renowned warrior Rana Sanga, without her own will in 1516.

Since from the childhood itself, Meera was a devotee of Krishna. She used to carry a small image of Lord Krishna in his kid form, Girdhar Gopal, always with her. She continued her devotion even after the marriage and became a popular mystic poet and singer.

Priests from various religions visited Chittor to listen to her singing in euphoria and consumed in divine apprehension. Her husband, King Bhoj Raj died in 1521 because of the battle wounds he suffered during the Hindu-Muslim wars of the Delhi Sultanate in 1518. Few years after the death of her husband, her father and father in law were killed during a war with the army of the founding member of Mughal Empire in India, Babur.

The now widowed Meera, continued her devotion to the Lord which was not liked by her in laws. It is believed that her in laws tried to execute her many a times. Few of the noted instances are sending her a glass of poison and telling her that it was nectar or forcing her to drown herself but she floated on water or sending her a basket with snakes instead of flowers. But she was not harmed in any of the case.

Hence, Meera Bai left for Vrindavan and started doing public kirtan there. She took her last breath in 1546 in Vrindavan only.

Meera believed that no one will be deprived from the presence of the almighty, irrespective of the birth, poverty, age, sex, or religion. However, the only way to meet the Lord is through Bhakti. Meera dedicated her whole life to Hindu deity Krishna, composing songs of devotion and was one of the most important poet-saint of the Bhakti movement period.

Sundardas was born in 1596 in the family of a Bania in Dausa, Rajasthan. He spent most of his early childhood with Dadu Dayal at Naraina. After the death of Dadu Dayal, Sundardas returned to his home in 1603. He followed the principles of Dadu Dayal throughout his life and best known to be one of the early Dadu-panth.

He was a well known poet, philosopher, social reformer and saint of the medieval India. One of the iconic works by him was Sundarvilasa, in which he dealt with the six Hindu philosophic systems and emphasized on their inability in attaining salvation of the mankind. He urged that an easy way of salvation is the teachings of Dadu Dayal. He composed about 48 books. Died in 1689, he is popularly known as Sant Kavi Sunderdas.


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