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Government Schools to Go Smart in Rural Rajasthan

Project Kaleidoscope run by Piramal Foundation is digitizing 45 government schools in Taranagar municipality in Rajasthan.

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Churu: Taranagar municipality of the district is soon going to house forty five technically equipped government schools.

Government schools have always had a bad reputation, but in the Tarangar municipality of Churu district situations are turning around. Piramal Foundation, a philanthropic section of Piramal group working in the spheres of healthcare, education, livelihood creation and youth empowerment, have launched an Educational Leadership program Project Kaleidoscope with the aim of making government schools of rural Rajasthan highly digitized.

Under the project, steps are being taken to install computers, projectors, printers and other required technical devices in the classrooms of the schools. Efforts are also being made to make fast and reliable internet connectivity available in the schools with the aim of replacing outdated methods of teaching so that the students can easily find niche in the mainstream.

For the purpose, project team is working closely with the staff of the schools, training them with the methods of e-teaching. In-class software prepared by the Government of Rajasthan that digitizes textbook syllabus too shall be installed so that when lessons can be presented in an interactive digitized format.

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