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Rajasthani Royal Heritage Liqueur range re-launched after 10 years

The liqueur range was initially launched by Rajasthan Ganganagar Sugar Mills (RGSM) in 2003 with much fanfare, but it was shut down in 2008.

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Royal Heritage Liqueur from Rajasthan

Royal Heritage Liqueur from Rajasthan

After a gap of 10 years, the Rajasthan excise department has once again launched its range of Royal Heritage Liqueur. The excise department has now started producing the heritage liquor made from ancient royal liqueur recipes; albeit on a smaller scale.

Production has been initiated at Royal Heritage Liqueur Distillery in Jaipur, a unit of RGSM.

"We have restarted production of two flavors of heritage liqueur and propose to have a range of four flavors. Our range will not be as wide as it was last time. We will have just about four flavors; two of summer and two of winter variety," said excise commissioner Praveen Gupta.

"Not only have we started production, but also sold off all the stock that was lying with us since 2008," added Gupta.

"Royal Heritage Chandra Haas, a winter drink, has been produced, and at present Royal Saunf, a summer drink is in the process of production. We are also in the process of manufacturing Kesar Kasturi. These are the most popular brands," said Rajpal Singh Yadav, GM, RGSM. "This time, it will be packed in only glass bottles and we will not use ceramic bottles, as it increases cost. We are hopeful of a decent revival as the demand is slowly rising," added Yadav.

However, there is skepticism within the department regarding its success. "Heritage liqueur is expensive — a bottle of Royal Chandra Haas has been priced at Rs 896, thereby limiting its customer base and it cannot be advertised."

Add to it the department's take-it-easy approach; for example, Royal Saunf is a summer drink, but it is still under production. By the time it reaches the market, summer will be almost over," said a departmental source.

Production of royal heritage liqueur was started in 2003 after a gap of 23 years. Eight flavors namely Royal Kesar Kasturi, Royal Jagmohan, Royal Chandra Hass, Mawalin, Royal Ellaichi, Royal Rose, Royal Apple Orange and Royal Saunf had been launched. The excise department had acquired patents of the brews from the erstwhile royals and prepared the liqueurs.

source: DNA India


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