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Contribution to Freedom Movement by Different Section of the Society Part 2

In today's Rajasthan (the then Rajputana) province there are many princely states and different sections of the society contributed in their own way to the fight for independence. Few of them are mentioned below-

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Lothu Nitharwal bathot

Lothu Nitharwal bathot

sagarmal gopa postal stamp

sagarmal gopa postal stamp

rao tula ram marg delhi

rao tula ram marg delhi

Farmers' community

Lothoo Ram Jat, a farmer is regarded as the Robinhood of the Shekhawati region. It is believed that he created the grounds of the Revolution of 1857 in Shekhawati region. Tatya Tope was highly impressed from Lothoo and his team and he has all the hopes from them regarding the Revolt in Shekhawati region. However, unfortunately Lothoo Ram Jat died 2 years before the actual revolution began and his team surrendered after his death.

Harlal Singh was an agitator for the farmers' movement in colonial India. He was the member of Jat Mahasabha created by British to repress Jats from 1925-1929. In the 1940s, he was appointed as the president of the famous political protest movement, the Praja Mandal. Being the president, he performed as an important channel between the urban and peasant communities in their combined efforts for the freedom of India from British rule. After the independence, the Praja Mandals became an integral part of the Indian National Congress. He got appointed as the organiser by the Rajasthan Pradesh Congress Committee in the princely state of Jaipur.

Affluent Sections

Sagarmal Gopa was a freedom fighter and patriot born in affluent Brahmin family in Jaisalmer. Being a follower of Mahatma Gandhi, he actively took part in the non-cooperation movement in 1921. He was driven out of Jaisalmer and Hyderabad. However, even in the exile, he continued to work from Nagpur. He was arrested on 25 May 1941 on his return to Jaisalmer after his father's death. He was tortured for 5 years in the prison. On 4 April 1946, he was burnt to death at the age of 46.

Rao Tula Ram was born in a family of Jagirdars. He is credited with temporarily driving out the British from Northern-Rajasthan and South-Haryana for the cause of 1857 rebellion. He was great leader, a good administrator and skilled military commander. He left India after the uprising of 1857 ended and met with the rulers of Afghanistan and Iran. He also contacted Tsar of Russia to seek help in forcing out the British from India. However, his plans could not be fulfilled due to his sudden death from dysentery at the age of 38 on 3 September 1863.


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