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Ravla Bhenswara - Ancestral Heritage Hotel, Jalore

More than just a Heritage Hotel, Ravla Bhenswara is filled with antique treasures passed on from generation to generation.

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Ravla Bhenswara

Ravla Bhenswara

Ravla Bhenswara

Ravla Bhenswara

Ravla Bhenswara

Ravla Bhenswara

Ravla Bhenswara

Ravla Bhenswara

Ravla Bhenswara

Ravla Bhenswara

Ravla Bhenswara

Ravla Bhenswara

Ravla Bhenswara

Ravla Bhenswara

Ravla Bhenswara

Ravla Bhenswara

Ravla Bhenswara

Ravla Bhenswara

Ravla Bhenswara is the beautiful, colorful and highly individual home of the noble family of Bhenswara. The Ravla (Castle) was built about 240 years ago in typical Rajput style by Thakur Jagat Singh Ji Rathore (Champawat) founder of Bhenswara. When you step through the entrance gateway you are transported into another serene and gentle world.

This is so much more than just a hotel, it is a delightful and very special home filled with antique treasures which the family want to share with you; the warmth of the greeting from both the family and staff will ensure your stay is a special one, here the Indian saying that "Guest is God" is a true one.


The Ravla was built by Thakur Jagat Singh Ji Rathore of Champavat about 240 years ago on the land received as a token of appreciation by Maharaja Man Singh Ji for saving his life. Each subsequent ruler has changed the Ravla according to his own tastes. Thakur Madho Singh Ji (1922-1996) added many modern comforts. In 1993 the Ravla was transformed into a heritage hotel resort by the hard work of Kunwar Shiv Pratap Singh and his wife Uma Kumari and the family staff.

The Rulers

  • Thakur Jagat Singh Ji
  • Thakur Gulab Singh Ji
  • Thakur Naval Singh Ji
  • Thakur Shiv Nath Singh Ji
  • Thakur Balwant Singh Ji
  • Thakur Sanwant Singh Ji
  • Thakur Madho Singh Ji (1922 -1996)
  • Thakur Dalvir Singh Ji (Present Head Of The Family)
  • Kunwar Shiv Pratap Singh
  • Bhanwar Shiv Dutt Singh


Keeping the traditions, culture, and customs alive

The experience at the Ravla goes beyond just staying at one of the most cultural and traditional hotels in Rajasthan; you are treated as a family friend by your hosts. The Ravla Bhenswara, with its unique flair, is where they take great pride in making you experience the culture of this magnificent land. The guests are greeted with teeka and moli (tie and dye threads) and when departing they are given a small token, jaggery (gur) and a thread of good luck (kakandora), as a good omen for their journey ahead. Together all these things constitute a perfect blend which gives you an experience that you will receive nowhere else.

The host Kunwar Shiv Pratap Singh and his family live in the Ravla and are more than happy to entertain and swap tales with their guests, they make a great effort to keep the cultural heritage of their family alive. Experience the legendary Rajput hospitality at Ravla Bhenswara that this land of Rajasthan is so famous for.


The hotel has brought together the past splendor and modern comforts which would be an ideal place for the pleasure of the guests. The lush green gardens and the big old trees add to the beauty of the hotel.


15 well-appointed and comfortable rooms are open to guests at the Ravla Bhenswara. These rooms are categorized as Standard Room, Deluxe Room, and Suite. The rooms provide facilities such as telephone, television, attached bath, running hot and cold water, room service, air-conditioner and more.


Enjoy a plethora of delectable delights from a variety of cuisines such as Continental, Rajasthani, Indian, Tandoori, Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian. Guests can also enjoy snacks and beverages at the coffee shop.


  • Doctor on call
  • Travel arrangement
  • Car rental
  • Room service
  • Restaurant
  • STD, ISD facilities
  • Swimming Pool
  • Laundry
  • Dry cleaning


  • Cooking demonstration
  • Henna painting
  • Massage
  • Jeep safari
  • Local visit
  • Royal Baggi Rides
  • Light & Sound show organized
  • Ayurvedic massages
  • Shops
  • Tours


Set in a beautiful landscape of the Aravalli Mountain Range, the Ravla is situated in the heart of a small village on the banks of dry River Jawai.

  • 130 km from Jodhpur
  • 165 km from Udaipur
  • 360 km from Jaisalmer
  • 85 km from Ranakpur


Village Bhenswara, Jalore









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