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Rana Sanga – The Last Gutsy Rajput Emperor

The historians idealize Maharana Sangram Singh as the last valiant ruler of Rajput confederacy.

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rana sanga maharaja sangram singh

rana sanga maharaja sangram singh

royal Rajput procession

royal Rajput procession

Maharana Sangram Singh, commonly acknowledged as Rana Sanga, was Rana of Mewar. The historians idealize him as the last valiant ruler of Rajput confederacy.

He was born on 12th April 1484 to Rana Raimal in Sisodia Clan of the Suryavanshi Rajput Gharana. He succeeded his father as king of Mewar in 1508. He fought many legendary battles like the famous battle against the Afghan Lodhi dynasty of Delhi Sultanate and against the Mughal Badshah Babur in the Battle of Khanwa. Though he lost in that battle, he got his name written in golden words in the history of Rajasthan.

He had the virtues same as other Rajput rulers but what kept him class apart was his insistence and perseverance, his love for the empire, his desire to conquer whole of the Bharat Varsha and his outrageous courage.

Rana Sanga was very modest and generous by nature. The immense power, superiority or The zenith of opulence never made him arrogant or proud. Like all the other Kshatriya Kings of Bharat Varsha, Rana Sanga believed and followed the premium values and ethics of Hindus. He illustrated peace and war, decency and chivalry, generosity and esteem for humanity throughout his life.

In his first victory, he captured the territory of Malwa by defeating Mehmood Khilji.

In 1517, he defeated Ibrahim Lodi in the Battle of Khatoli and conquered Eastern Rajasthan.

In 1519, Rana got his control over Sultan Mahmud of Mandu. The humble and generous nature of the Rana is illustrated in the way he treated Mahmud after the defeat. Mahmud was welcomed as a guest and he was given back his territory. However, he retained the right to annex it.

1527 was the year for the Battle of Khanwa. Rana fought ferociously against Babur to protect the Rajput territory. However, he lost to Babur's superior generalship and organizational skills.

 He died on January 30, 1528, after being severely injured in the battle with Babur.

He was wedded to Rani Karnavati. Rajputs were known to be loyal and full of self-esteem. After the demise of Rana Sanga, she committed Jauhar (an act of committing suicide in fire rather than surrendering to the rival). She was the mother of Rana Vikramaditya Singh and Udai Singh II, and grandmother of Maharana Pratap.

Rana Sanga was succeeded by Rana Ratan Singh II. During his reign of 20 years from 1508-1528, Rana Sanga fought various battles and retained his territory even after getting severe injuries like losing an arm, an eye damaged and crumbled one leg. Maharana Rana Sanga was truly the great Rajput Emperor.


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