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Here's how Rajasthan's Karenda,is bringing PM Modi’s vision of digital India to life

Economic Times Mar 21, 2017, 11:54 IST ET Brand Equity

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Mobile and broadband connectivity has the power to change the lives of poor and backward communities, and give them a brighter future. This can be easily seen in Karenda, a modest village in Rajasthan, that is bringing to life our PM’s vision of Digital India. Today, it’s ready to welcome the PM himself to come and witness how lives are changing here.

Working with BSNL, which provides backhaul and subscriber management, Vihaan Networks Limited (VNL), a leading Indian telecom equipment manufacturer, has provided mobile and wi-fi services here, using its award-winning, sustainable WorldGSMTM technology, and extended them to two neighbouring villages, Bahadri and Phalsa, to create a cluster of Digital Villages with a combined population of 3590 persons and 587 households (2011 Census).

Perhaps the most game-changing application in this Digital Village is the SmartClass that VNL has setup in the Government School, Karenda, where e-learning is now helping students and teachers follow a new paradigm of education. E-governance, too, gets a boost through connectivity at an

e-Mitra booth where citizens can access government-issued identity documents without having to travel long distances.

Connectivity is changing lives in a quiet, yet fundamental way in this village cluster. Communicating with family, friends, associates and the outside world is now easier. Entertainment is available with a keystroke. Information on agricultural inputs and markets is now available. Banking and other commercial activities are now accessible. Emergency and other health services are within reach. And governance is easier and more interactive.

“Recently, telecom ministers and delegates from ASEAN, LATAM and African regions visited Karenda and experienced the Digital Village first hand. Most of them left with the vision of implementing our Digital Village solution in their countries” says, Shashwat Nagpal, Head – Marketing & Communication at VNL.

The company is fully committed to the PMO’s goal of making Digital India a reality and transforming the country into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy.

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