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Experience the Rajasthan’s First Biological Park

Many have visited a zoo and saw wild animals moving inside their cages, but what if you can see them roaming in the open like any African Jungle Safari?

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biological park in rajasthan

biological park in rajasthan

biological park in rajasthan

biological park in rajasthan

biological park in rajasthan

biological park in rajasthan

Sajjangarh Biological Park, located at outskirts of Udaipur, Rajasthan is offering you this extremely exciting adventure. It is nearby to Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary and is situated just underneath the Monsoon Palace (also known as Sajjangarh Palace).

The construction of this park began in 2004-05 with the help of Rajasthan State Road Development, Construction Corporation Ltd., Public Works Department and Forest Department. The park is open to visitors since it inaugurated on 12 April 2015.

The main objective of developing the park was to conserve endangered flora and fauna; and creating awareness among the people to support the cause of wildlife conservation. Other major motives are:

  • To educate and excite the visitors by displaying the wild animals.
  • To expand the compassion among the people towards wild animals.
  • To offer great natural surroundings to the people to be with animals.
  • To be the center of all the genetic information on wild animals for future biological research.
  • To provide education studies on behavior and breeding of different animals.
  • To provide the adequate for breeding of endangered species of wild animals.

The major attractions of the park are the many animals that are in the park. At present, the park is a host for 60 animals from 21 species. These include tigers, lions, panthers, jackals, wild boars, ostriches, alligators etc. Also the famous T-24, the majestic tiger from Ranthambore has also been shifted here. However, it has been kept in the non-display area of the park as for now, so that it gets accustomed to the new environment before giving a glimpse to the visitors. The park has achieved a record of having more than 46,000 visitors in a single month.

The park remains open throughout the year except on Tuesdays. However, during the monsoon season from July to September the area flourishes with an extra beauty of the aesthetic lush green environment.


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