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Rajasthani Pink Sandstone for UAE’s first Hindu Temple

The durable Pink sandstone from the northern Indian state is selected for UAE's first Hindu Temple. Know what is special about the world famous pink sandstone of the desert state.

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Rajasthani Pink sandstone of UAE Temple

Akshardham temple in New Delhi

PM Modi inaugurated Temple construction in UAE

Hindu temple in UAE

Rajasthani Pink sandstone of UAE Temple

Hawa Mahal in Jaipur

Tonnes of pink sandstone will soon be shipped from northernRajasthan to Abu Dhabi, where it will make up the outer structure of the country's first traditional Hindu temple.

The durable stones from the northern Indian state were selected for their ability to withstand scorching summer temperatures of up to 50°C, such as those sometimes experienced in the UAE. Not only the stone but also a lot of artisans have to travel to Abu Dhabi for the carving work. 

Rajasthan has been a hub for different types on sandstones and marbles. These stones have their own identity and area. Northern Rajasthan districts such as Dholpur, Alwar, Bharatpur have pink sandstone in their land. In Rajasthan, most of the monuments are built with the pink sandstone.

Work of the temple was inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi in February this year and is expected to be completed by 2020. 

The temple is being constructed on a 55,000 sqm of land at AbuMureikheh, off Sheikh Zayed Road between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. 

Temple’s design is inspired by Akshardham temple of New Delhi. However, the ornate hand carvings on the exterior of the temple and its pillars will include local features from the UAE. The structure will have seven towers representing the seven emirates in the UAE and will be open to people of all religions.


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