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Popular Rajasthani Lok Devta

These Legendary warriors of Rajasthan are venerated as the folk Deities of the state for all the right reasons.

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Goga Ji folk deity of rajasthan

Goga Ji folk deity of rajasthan

Tejaji Temple Kharnal

Tejaji Temple Kharnal

Pabu Ji Ki Phad

Pabu Ji Ki Phad

Goga Ji

Goga Ji was born with the blessings from Guru Gorakhnath to Queen Bachchal, the wife of King Zewar of Dadrewa in Churu, Rajasthan around 900 A.D. He was born as a Chauhan. Guru Gorakhnath foretold to the Queen that her son would be enormously powerful and would rule over his cousins from his Aunt, the twin sister of the Queen.

There are a couple of legends that go around with Goga Ji. One says that the cousins of Goga Ji, Arjan and Sarjan were attracted to his wife Shreeyal Roz. When Goga Ji got to know about this, he killed his cousins and in remorse told his mother about the incident. Hearing this, his mother got very angry and told Goga Ji to never show his face to her in the lifetime.

Another legend tells that Arjan and Sarjan conspired against Goga Ji by being friendly with then ruler of Delhi, King Anandpal. Along with Arjan and Sarjan, the King attacked Bagad with all his army. However, Arjan and Sarjan get killed in the war Goga Ji and King Anandpal was forgiven by Goga Ji after his Miserere.

Goga Ji is also known as Jahar Veer Gogga and is worshiped as a folk deity in northern states of India, mostly in Rajasthan, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.

Veer Teja Ji

Veer Teja Ji was born to Sugna and Kunwar Tahar, headmen of Kharnal in Nagaur District of Rajasthan. It is believed that Teja Ji was born with the blessing from the Naga-diety. His journey to become a folk divinity started as a common man. However, the extraordinary events, happened in his life in some form or the other, transformed him into an extraordinary human being, thus becoming a folk hero. He is also believed to be one of the eleven incarnations of Lord Shiva. There are various versions of the legends associated with him. However, the following are the common elements in all of them-

He got married in infancy with an infant girl from a neighboring clan. It was barter marriage where his sister got married to the cousin of his infant wife.

His sister in law taunted him about his wife being with her parents even after the marriage. He embarks on a treacherous journey to get his wife back.

He risked his life to protect the cows of Lachha Gujari, a friend of his wife. The cattle were taken by some dacoits of Meena Sardar.

In the process of bringing the cows back, he saved a burning snake. Instead of being thankful, the snake cursed Teja Ji for becoming an impediment to discharge it from the body of the Snake. However, Teja Ji vowed that he will come back with his wife once he brings back the cows. And he fulfilled the vow at the cost of his own life.

Teja Ji was killed in the war with Meenas and Nagavanshi chieftain on his return journey from Paner. After his death, his wife became Sati. His sister also burned herself to death becoming the one and only sister sati in Indian History.

Pabu Ji

Pabu Ji was born from a celestial nymph to Dhadal Rathore. He was considered as an incarnation of God. The legend around him says that he was highly committed to the promises he made. At the time he was taking his wedding vows, he heard that dacoits were taking away the cows of a woman named Deval Charni. He once pledged to the women to protect her cows. Knowing about the abduction of the cows, he left the wedding vows in between to protect the cows and became a martyr during that. Hence, he is known as the protector of animals.

However, the Sodhi princess with whom he was marrying sacrificed herself in the fire to complete the remaining wedding vows in heaven.

The remote village of Kolu is the only place where conventional temples of Pabu Ji can be found. But outside the village, the actual temples are scarce. The reason being that he has not yet achieved that prestige as a god. Also, most of his worshippers are the semi-nomadic tribe of Rabaris and it’s not possible for them to worship or visit a temple at a fixed spot.

Also, the famous Rajasthani art form of Phad, depict his adventures. Bhopa community in Rajasthan recites the story of Pabu Ji to the public through religious songs.


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