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The Spicy story of Rajasthan

In India, the finest cuisines are influenced by Mughals and European Cooking. However, the desert state of India remained untouched. In Rajasthan, cooking is considered to be an art.

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spices in rajasthani food

spices in rajasthani food

red chilli powder

red chilli powder

authentic rajasthani laal maas recipe

spicy laal maas

Rajasthan is a warfare-oriented community and the cooking here is influenced by the same lifestyle which needs long lasting meals. Rajasthan is famous for its great hospitality and good food. One can experience the Royal culture of Rajasthan through its various mouth watering dishes spreading the heavenly aroma of spices. Due to scarcity of water and dearth of fresh vegetables in the desert areas, the dried and powdered spices play an important role in Rajasthani cuisine.

The various spices give unique flavor and fragrance to the food. The major spices used in almost all the Rajasthani food such as red chilies, pepper, cloves, mustard seeds, cardamoms, cinnamon sticks, cumin seeds and dried mango powder gives unforgettable intricate taste which heighten your taste buds satisfying the hunger and soul. These spices also allow the prepared food to last long in the hot climatic conditions of Rajasthan. The spices also lend the required color and texture to the gravies and curry used in many of the Rajasthani foods.

A famous Rajasthani non vegetarian dish is Laal Maas which is fiercely hot and spicy. The word Laal means red and it is named so because of the color it gets due to the use of red chilies in various forms. Also apart from the curry and gravies, the spices like chili powder, mint, garlic, and turmeric are used in preparing various chutneys.

Rajasthan food is feared by many because of its fierce chilies and definitely it is hotter than the most. But we have a string of sweet dishes as well. Look for them in our next article to satisfy your half filled appetite.


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