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Rajasthan varsity to review proposal on Maharana Pratap winning Haldighati

Express News Service Feb 10, 2017 12:51 IST

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Rajasthan university on Thursday said the proposal to rewrite the history curriculum to portray Rajput warrior king Maharana Pratap as having won the battle of Haldighati against the Mughal army of Akbar led by his general Man Singh was just a recommendation and that it would be reviewed.

The varsity’s acting vice-chancellor Rajeshwar Singh said the proposal, which was mooted by a BJP MLA at a syndicate meeting and backed by three ministers in the Vasundhara Raje government, would be reviewed by its Board of Studies and the Academic Council.

“The recommendation is presently with the Academic Council, which will critically analyse it and take appropriate action,” Singh told The Indian Express.

The proposal drew flak on social media for its purported aim to alter historical facts.

Local historian and former fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society Ranbir Sinh slammed the leaders who backed the proposal.

“So far, the comments have only been made by some BJP leaders and none of them has any knowledge of either the history of Rajasthan or of India for that matter. The statements are irresponsible and reek of sycophancy,” he added.

Sinh said that the book or the article that had raised the controversy should be made public so that historians could find out how the author had come to the conclusion that Pratap was victorious in the battle of Haldighati.

University sources maintained that it was unlikely that the proposal would be cleared by the Academic Council.

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