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This university in Rajasthan will run on solar power

Jodhpur National Law University to produce 1.80 lakh units of electricity.

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Jodhpur National Law University (NLU) will be self-reliant as far as electricity is concerned. The university will run exclusively on solar power. NLU will become the first university in India to not only generate power, but also sell additional electricity to private companies so that the students could be sent abroad under student exchange programs.

A solar plant with a capacity of 250 KW will start functioning from the next month.

“We currently need 45,000 units of power. This plant will provide us with this much of electricity, so we will now be completely self-reliant,” said a university official.

By the end of this year, another solar plant with a capacity of 750 KW will become functional, producing a total of 1.35 lakh units of power.

“We would be able to generate revenue of Rs 5 lakh by selling electricity to private companies. We would use the funds for sending our students abroad on student exchange programs,” said the officer.

The officer said that J-NLU is the first university in India to run on solar power exclusively.

Source: The PinkCity Post

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