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Rajasthan state attempts to make anti-cancer drugs from olive

Rajasthan’s Agriculture department is experimenting with olives for making anti-cancer drug.

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Rajasthan’s Agriculture department is experimenting with olives to produce anti-cancer drugs from olives’ leaves and fruits. To give hope and a new life to cancer patients, this is a great attempt.  As per the research, there is triterpenic acid in olive leaves and fruits. Triterpenic acid is useful in treatment of cancer. This led pharmaceutical companies and agriculture experts to use olive for curing cancer patients.

Agriculture department on olive as cancer-curing agent

As tritrepenoid is useful in cancer treatment so Rajasthan is making efforts to extract tritrepenoids from olive leaves and fruits. The agriculture department said there was research in one of the Universities of India where tritrepenoids was extracted from the leaves and fruits olive.  Apart from treating different kinds of cancer, tritrepenoids in olives is also used to treat HIV.

Olive farming in Rajasthan

In Rajasthan, seven different varieties of olive are cultivated. The first plant of Olive was planted at Dhindhol farm in Bassi, Jaipur district in year 2008. Recently, 5000 hectare of land has been used for olive farming in Rajasthan. In fact, Rajasthan’s produce of olives is also supplied to the other states of the country.


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