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Electropathy find its recognition in Rajasthan

Rajasthan being the first state in the country to give electropathy recognition has passed the Rajasthan Electrotherapy System of Medicine Bill 2018.

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Electropathy electro homeopathy

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Electropathy is a new medical system based on herbal or medicinal plants. Medicine is prepared with the help of essences obtained from herbal or medicinal plants and distilled water at normal room temperature under cohobation (the process of repeated distillation of the same matter) process.

Electropathy should not be misunderstood with the use of electric current as it is the speed of action and usage of energetic properties of plants that gives electropathy its name. This form of medicine uses extracts from plants which regulate both lymph and blood. It is a new system of medicine by which balance is maintained between lymph & blood of a diseased person.

“With the government’s recognition, now electropathy practice has got acceptance as a system of medicine. Now a board will be set up for the development, research, and education in electropathy,” said Dr. Hemant Sethiya, president of Electro-Homeopathy Medical Council (EHMC).

“It is an important decision as presently over 2.50 lakh electropathy practitioners are part of the medical treatment system. Similarly, over 150 colleges across the country and around 20 in Rajasthan are offering courses in electropathy, and the most widely pursued one is Bachelor of Electropathy Medicine and Surgery (BEMS), which has a course duration of four and a half years,” he added.

CM Raje, talking to the electropathy practitioners from different districts said that the farmers should now be encouraged to grow medicinal plants. “It will not only be beneficial for farmers in monitory terms but will ensure availability of medicinal plants for such a therapy,” said Raje.

source: dnaindia


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