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Rajasthan police to give lovebirds a safer nest, here is how

Love marriages are a big no-no in Rajasthan. Couples have to flee in love marriages for the sake of their lives. Now, Rajasthan Police have got a solution to protect these love birds.

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love marriage

love marriages

Love marriages are still a taboo in Rajasthan. As a progressive step, Rajasthan police have decided to set up a shelter home to protect couples who have to resort to eloping and marry against the wishes of their parents and Khaaps.

The additional director general of police (Civil Rights) Janga Srinivas Rao said, ‘the police will soon launch a helpline to provide immediate assistance to such couples in case they are in any kind of danger from anyone revolting against their marriage.’

The Police Headquarter has reportedly directed all district heads to set up helplines in compliance with a court order.

Acting upon Rajasthan High Court’s direction, a detailed draft has been prepared to ensure the safety of the couples who fear a threat to their life.

 All police range and district heads have also been directed to appoint a senior most lady police officer at every district headquarter and police station as a nodal officer to assist the couples.


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