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Rajasthan: No development means no weddings in these villages

People do not want their daughters to marry men from the villages and hamlet in DNP area. The reason is that there is no development in this area.

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JAISALMER: The tag of being 'unmarried' is something that the men living in villages and hamlets in Desert National Park (DNP) area will perhaps have to carry for some time. Many do not want their daughters to marry men from these villages and hamlet in DNP area spread on 3,162 sq km area of Barmer and Jaisalmer.

Hence, the number of unmarried men is increasing. Reason: there is no development in this area. There are no roads, no health facilities or even education facilities. Due to lack of roads people have no option but to travel by bullock and camel carts. Their condition is appalling.

Even today, many villages are totally cut off from other places as there is no telecommunication and no telephone company has installed towers. Due to lack of basic facilities, no villager is interested in getting their daughters married in these villages.

The previous central government had sent a team here in 2011 to address the problems of DNP. The team stayed in Jaisalmer for three days and toured the area to understand the locals' problems. The team sent its report to the Centre and state government where it recommended to provide concession in rules, increase basic facilities and development. However, the state government has been sitting on this report and the Centre too has not shown any interest in extending help for developing the area.

DNP officers, last year, had sent a proposal to the state government as per Supreme Court order of 2007 where it directed the state to provide basic facilities. Despite this the government has not given its approval. DNP sources said that the state government was sent a list of 1,205 facilities in which facilities such as electricity, drinking water, education etc were mentioned, however, till now no decision has been taken in this regard.

Source: Times News Network

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