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Rajasthan Ministers to hire social media export for political campaigning

Rajasthan Assembly Polls to be held on 7th December, 2018. Rajasthan Ministers to hire social media export for political campaigning

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 Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2018


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Social media has been emerged as a strong platform to share your ideas and thoughts. As political parties have also very well understood the power of social media so they are using for political campaigning. In Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2018, both BJP and Congress are focusing on strong social media presence. These two parties are asking their leaders, ministers, legislators and party postholders to strengthen their social media accounts. Know more.

With few days left to Rajasthan Assembly polls, activities of political leaders have been increased. But… most of them are totally unaware to social media platforms. So, they sought professional help for handling their various social media platforms. This leads to expansion of opportunities for specialized professionals and social media companies.

How do these professionals help politicians?

These companies register presence on social media, build an image, provide interactive platforms as well as cultivate dedicated followers. Professionals also take care of dealing with trolls and vicious tweets of opposing factions. When it comes to persistent negative posts, they also try to pacify them.

This work makes these social media experts to earn good amount of money. The services have a price that begins at around 25000 per month for a client and goes up to 5 lakh a month. The price varies from service providers.

Rajasthan Assembly Polls 2018 is to be scheduled on 7th December. The result of which is to be out on 11th of December. There are two major contenders for the seat of Chief Minister of Rajasthan which are BJP and Congress.


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