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First ever Gems and Jewellery Museum in Jaipur SOON!

The Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce and Industry is set to unveil a museum that will please jewellery admirers to no end. In a bid to showcase the legacy of Jaipur as a city of fine gem cutting, polishing and jewellery craftsmanship, this museum of gems and jewellery will be built at a cost of Rs 25 crore.

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Gems and Jewellery Museum Jaipur

Gems and Jewellery Museum Jaipur

The first of its kind museum in Rajasthan will showcase more than 400 varieties of natural stones and signature jewellery collection from India and different parts of the world. A non-profit organization named Museum of Gems and Jewellery Foundation of Jaipur was established for the same with Mr. Rajiv Jain as the chairman, Dr. Rajnikant Shah as the coordinator and Mr. Vijay Kumar Chordia as the secretary of the stated federation.

Dr Rajnikant Shah said the museum was being planned as a five-storey building with an underground vault and a basement for storage. A gem park —rock garden—where large sculptures and rocks will be displayed was also being planned. The museum complex would be built in 50,000 to 60,000 square feet, he added. Request for land had been made to the state government.

Vijay Kumar Chordia, secretary of the federation, said the museum would be divided into more than 100 sections with each section representing a particular theme.

The museum which is yet to be opened to public is located inside the Chamber Bhawan. The theatre inside the Bhawan has a 6-minute video which showcases the history of Johari Bazar and jewellery business. One of the main highlights of this video is a collection of rare pictures of the first auction of the Emerald gemstone help in 1948. It also showcases the Miss Universe crown which had been designed by the craftsmen of Jaipur on three occasions.

The gemstone section of the museum is a sight to behold. It has many colourful stones along with the details of their benefits. The theme of this museum is ‘the story of stone’. It reflects the journey of a stone from the mines to a finished product. One can witness close to 200 varieties of cut gemstones. In addition to these, a wall of mineral specimens also makes its presence felt. An imported natural shell is one of the many wonders of this museum. The unique aspect of this shell is that it is has retained its original shape and it hasn’t been tinkered with.

Another fascinating section of this place is the one which houses the Navgrahs. The Navratna wall has nine idols representing the different Grahs. Visitors will be informed about the best-suited gems for them as per their Rashi (zodiac sign). The impacts of these gems will also be discussed.

The museum will also display the French enamel jewellery along with Victorian, Tanjore, and Fusion jewellery. Some other highlights include the creative creative jewellery like Red Indian, African, Tibetan, and Recycled jewellery. The section of precious stones includes Ruby, Saphire, Emerald, Pearl, Diamond, Coral, Opel, etc. The gold, diamond and silver section has signature jewellery along with an award winning collection. An announcement about the official opening of the museum is expected soon from the concerned federation.

source: pinkcitypost, tribuneindia


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