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Rajasthan HC ordered cancellation of FIR against 'Padmaavat'

Finally a sigh of relief for Team Padmaavat as Rajasthan HC, after watching the film, cancelled the FIR lodged against Sanjay Leela Bhansali and others.

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Film director Sanjay Leela Bhansali received great relief from the Rajasthan High Court regarding the most controversial film of the decade, Padmavat. After watching the film, Justice Sandeep Mehta has directed to cancel the FIR lodged against him. During the hearing on Bhansali's plea to cancel the FIR, Justice Mehta said that the film has nothing to do with objection, but it has glorified the Rajputana.

The FIR was lodged at DeDawana in Nagaur district while accusing Bhansali of tampering with history in Padmavat. Bhansali filed a petition in the High Court to cancel this FIR. After watching the movie on Monday, Justice Sandeep Mehta also ordered the order of the Supreme Court to be followed in the court.

The High Court also said that the government should provide security to whatever film they want to show in the state. So that the complainant and the public can see the film. Actually, this FIR was registered on the producers and artists of the film, alleging tampering with history in DeDawana of Nagaur district of the state. Actor Ranveer Singh and actress Deepka Padukone were also accused in this FIR along with Bhansali.


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